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US-4161286-A: Self-compensating nozzle construction patent, US-4172144-A: Schiff's base derivatives of thienamycin patent, US-4180727-A: Gamma-gamma density logging method patent, US-4198601-A: Control unit for transceiver patent, US-4204162-A: Method of controlling the condition of an electric battery and apparatus for carrying out this method patent, US-4224625-A: Antenna patent, US-4228456-A: Burst gating signal generating circuit patent, US-4306758-A: Lamp holder with self-locking device patent, US-3206128-A: Autogenous grinding method patent, US-4308210-A: Nanaomycin B and therapeutic compositions containing same patent, US-4323944-A: Control circuit for an electromagnet patent, US-4331809-A: Carbamylbiuret-modified polyisocyanates patent, US-4333389-A: Load responsive fluid control valve patent, US-4359703-A: Electromagnetic relay patent, US-4363017-A: Resistor device particularly for high-voltage installations patent, US-4388460-A: Cephalosporine desacetoxy esters and salts thereof patent, US-4482760-A: Process for the production of 1,2-diols patent, US-4486610-A: Purification of 2,4,4'-trichloro-2'-hydroxydiphenylether solvent extraction patent, US-4490813-A: Frequency determining apparatus for a synthesized radio patent, US-4494480-A: Apparatus for spreading a fluid onto a moving web of material patent, US-4511853-A: Differential amplifier circuit having improved control signal filtering patent, US-4536525-A: Aqueous coating composition based on a cationic amino urea resin, process for applying and baking the composition and the coated substrate thus obtained patent, US-4559674-A: Movable flat for a carding engine and a support assembly therefor patent, US-4576164-A: Knife with locking shroud patent, US-4587431-A: Specimen manipulating mechanism for charged-particle beam instrument patent, US-4700216-A: Demodulator for color television signals including a sub-carrier patent, US-4700544-A: Combustors patent, US-4718238-A: Liquid fuel combustor patent, US-4754824-A: Method and apparatus for steering a vehicle patent, US-4931433-A: Method for treating certain neoplastic diseases patent, US-4931436-A: Condensed diazepinones, processes for preparing them and pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds patent, US-4972482-A: Fm stereo demodulator patent, US-5011848-A: 1.4-dihydro pyridines patent, US-5045802-A: Frequency characteristic setting circuitry for an amplifier patent, US-5114456-A: Discharging device for a glass melting furnace patent, US-5124904-A: Optimized 18-pulse type AC/DC, or DC/AC, converter system patent, US-5131994-A: Electrophoresis method and apparatus patent, US-5146262-A: Auto focus camera patent, US-5157128-A: Certain optically active substituted α,α-dialkyl-pyrrolidine-3-methamines useful as intermediates patent, US-5239549-A: Composite slab laser medium and a laser employing the composite slab laser medium patent, US-5332414-A: Method for producing high-grade nickel matte and metallized sulfide matte patent, US-5343648-A: Garment indicia strip patent, US-5369409-A: Time-sharing FM radar system patent, US-5428338-A: Thermal cutoff assembly patent, US-5541209-A: Method of treating or preventing cardiac arrhythmia employing an N-substituted heterocyclic derivative patent, US-5662022-A: Piston-rod-less linear drive patent, US-5692379-A: Long term thermally stable cryostat patent, US-5859060-A: Timed release tablet comprising naproxen and pseudoepherine patent, US-5905170-A: Process for the production of 1-amino-1-methyl-3(4)-aminomethylcyclohexane patent, US-5929271-A: Compounds for use in a positive-working resist composition patent, US-6185741-B1: Convertible ladies swimsuit patent, US-6206014-B1: Automated system for rinsing a fluid line of a medical system patent, US-6298295-B1: Window object detection with start-up compensation patent, US-6299693-B1: Method and apparatus for aligning a wafer chuck in a semiconductor wafer processing procedure patent, US-3575086-A: Routing machine patent, US-3580306-A: Mobile tree slasher patent, US-3584955-A: High energy contact printing apparatus patent, US-3595285-A: Motorized drawing lead sharpener patent, US-3677409-A: Sewage treatment system patent, US-3693449-A: Device for sampling molten metal patent, US-3707001-A: Magnetic imaging methods and apparatus patent, US-3771723-A: Rotary sprinkler head patent, US-3773186-A: Air hose coupling with electrical connector patent, US-3780573-A: Uniformity test machines patent, US-3783628-A: Method and apparatus for transporting liquefied natural gas patent, US-3814937-A: Pulse pile-up rejector with live-time corrector circuit patent, US-3827283-A: Fluid leakage measuring apparatus patent, US-3850340-A: Nestable container and apparatus for and method of making same patent, US-3881129-A: Gas discharge device having a logic function patent, US-3894029-A: Production of camptothecin and camptothecin-like compounds patent, US-3926002-A: Device for excluding water from a working site located adjacent to a body of water patent, US-3959440-A: Method for removing SO2 and NOx simultaneously from the exhaust of a combustion furnace patent, US-3960014-A: Method of obtaining permeability information from an underground formation penetrated by a well patent, US-4022379-A: Process for reacting acid and base patent, US-4060497-A: Process for the production of spherical fuel and fertile particles patent, US-4070145-A: Selective actuating mechanism for signal device using percussive flashlamps patent, US-4073705-A: Method for treating used or exhausted photographic fixing solution patent, US-4077024-A: Multi-pole circuit breaker patent, US-4087767-A: L-type matching pad for coaxial lines patent, US-4103220-A: Low dissipation voltage regulator patent, US-4135821-A: Calibration of optical particle-size analyzer patent, US-4139718-A: Polyvinyl quaternaries patent, US-4155058-A: Millimetric wave high-pass filter patent, US-4161501-A: Method of producing mechanically strong metal oxide pellets patent, US-4186399-A: Goniometer circuit for VOR system patent, US-4194416-A: Control system for hydraulic pressure regulating valve in automatic transmission connected to multi-cylinder I.C. engine with means for operating the engine on selected cylinders of all patent, US-4195608-A: Fuel supply system for engines patent, US-4196879-A: Ejector release unit for airborne stores having lockable sway brace assembly patent, US-4205886-A: Cross-linear bearing unit patent, US-4279757-A: Process for separating hydrophobic organic liquids from water patent, US-4290404-A: Fuel supply control system patent, US-4352560-A: Self-leveling and grade setting laser apparatus patent, US-4356902-A: Bearing and support patent, US-4357906-A: Animal restraint patent, US-4363912-A: Indole thromboxane synthetase inhibitors patent, US-4373135-A: Pitch matching detecting and counting system patent, US-4376778-A: Antibiotic substances and processes for production thereof patent, US-4379285-A: Analog to digital converter patent, US-4385188-A: Process for removing methanol from aqueous formaldehyde patent, US-4404062-A: Condenser patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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